About the Cru & Co. Experience

We revel in a subtle flair for the dramatic, without the drama of event planning.

Deeply meaningful & thoughtful celebrations

We’re a luxury event planning, design, and production company serving New England, Boston, and beyond.

What we do best:

Your meaningful event, artfully crafted and joyfully experienced.

Designed to be admired. Consumed as an experience for and by you and your guests. With thoughtful service at the heart of the performance.

Before the curtain rises on your event, we help you plan with comfort and ease. Because your time, commitment, and investment in the planning experience matter as much as the celebration.

Work with us

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First and always. Our team is intentional in providing a service based in respect, humility, and genuine excitement for planning with you. We partner only with other creatives who share this approach. Our clients reflect these values as well.


We work tirelessly to ensure that we’re open and honest with you. We share our knowledge on the true costs of event planning and create realistic solutions that work within your budget and make sense logistically for your space and vision.


We have assembled a true dream team of Cru & Co. staff and preferred partners. Our colleagues understand the unique creative challenges of each space and have elegant, workable solutions that enhance the experience.

The Extra Mile

We look for opportunities to include meaningful and extra-special details and gestures that make you feel at home at your event and among your guests. We care deeply about doing our very best work.

Work with Cru & co


Did you know?

The word “cru” actually means “growth” in French, referring to the growth of high-quality vineyards like Champagne, Burgundy, and Bordeaux. It’s a nod to the exquisite, distinctive wines that come from those highly regarded growing regions.

Here in New England, we have access to some of the nation’s most refined spaces and designers, allowing us to create exquisite, distinctive events.

We’re grateful you’re considering us for yours!

“Cru & Co.” refers to our team and the high-end partners and vendors we’ve established through revelry, mutual trust, and shared love for crafting the ultimate guest experience.

Read on to learn more about the dynamic crew at Cru & Co.!

A note from Elaina Crugnale, Owner of Cru & Co.

Events are shared experiences that, when done right, are transformative. You show up in one state of mind and leave in another. They’re about connection, shared moments, and emotion.

Events are about self-expression.

From attire to decor, to presentation of food and drink, to the music.

It’s about tapping into the experiences and feeling something that can’t be recreated.

When we plan your event, and you give us your full trust, it’s about crafting opportunities for deep indulgence in the present moment - often evoking feelings of nostalgia, warmth, compassion, joy, and harmony.

True luxury event production will use visual elements to make you feel that special something.

Like the scents and sounds of walking through a beautiful garden on a spring day.

Or the excitement that floods you when the lights dim in the theatre and the curtain rises.

I want the scenes from your event to live in the forefront of your core memories in this way.

Like the way you felt the first time you saw your favorite song performed live in concert, or the feeling of the warm embrace of someone you love.

It’s not about a fancy light show or a room filled floor-to-ceiling with flowers.

“Their presence was calm, reassuring, and allowed us to fully immerse ourselves in the joyous celebration!"

A few of my favorite things...

Visual styles

I can't get enough of understated elegance, clean lines, and inspiring architecture. I also have a soft spot in my heart for the Coastal Grandmother aesthetic.

Event splurges

A killer band (with a horns section, of course!), lighting design to set the mood, and innovative food and drink experiences!

Our wedding day

My husband and I hosted an intimate wedding of 50 guests on the coast of Cape Cod. As a planner, it was so fun to focus on the intimate details and spoil our guests for the weekend!

Childhood activity

I have an extensive background in ballet, which gives me a unique insight into the graceful timing, management, and theatrics of the stage. 

Moment at an event

When the doors open and I see your eyes light up with the realization of your vision revealed to your guests. I’ve seen it hundreds of times and it’s a thrill every time.

Meet Our Talented Crew

Jessica Spada

Associate Planner

Kellie Horne

Event Assistant

Lindsey Gilles

Administrative Event Assistant

Jessica Spada

Associate Planner

Jessica is our client lead for our Wedding Management approach. After earning her BA from Wellesley College, she has spent the last decade cultivating her experience as both an event producer and expert in customer success. Jess has planned and executed high-profile donor events for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and helped 40+ couples celebrate their wedding weekends with ease and joy. She’s an avid reader who loves spin class and an afternoon iced latte.

Kellie Horne

Events Assistant

Kellie is our rockstar wedding day lead. While she wears many hats, you’ll most often find her side-by-side with our couples and being the ultimate cheerleader. She’s been known to wrangle a wedding party of 30 with ease and crack a joke at just the right moment.

Kellie loves to Jazzercise, travel to new places, and sample seasonal Polar seltzer flavors.

Lindsey Gilles

Administrative Events Assistant

Lindsey is our administrative queen, keeping all of our event timelines and systems organized. You may also spot her at your event, leading vendor setups and double-checking all the details.

She enjoys walks with the fam, beach days in Maine, and reading all the books she comes across on BookTok! 

Your Curated Experience With Cru & Co.

Some thoughts to hold while planning:

Your event should be uniquely yours and no one else's. Modern and classic or whimsical and unexpected. Formal and sleek or intimate and cozy. It’s yours.

Cru & Co. isn’t interested in trends or the way others have done it. Instead, we’re about the elevated, subtle touches that make for truly artful design. Like the perfect font imprint of a handwritten, wax-sealed invitation. 

While some traditions might hold meaning for you, we encourage you to pave your own way. Cut the five tier cake or pass mini ice cream sandwiches on the dance floor - we support the details that feel authentically like you.

While taking guest experience into account, you should put your own stamp on things and stay true to who you are. We keep the people pleasing to a minimum. Yes, it’s really ok if your brother hates the seafood buffet.

Ready to plan your celebration to your heart’s content?

Celebrate with Cru & Co!

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